Oh shucks, we are out of shirts!

It was a wild, wild ride, but sadly we're winding down. We are only one man (which is an odd thing to say) and simply do not have the time to keep printing these amazing shirts.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a shirt or has otherwise supported us over the last three years! For those of you still searching for a shirt, we thank you for stopping by, and wish you luck in your hunt!

– Dane Petersen, Proprietor

I've Been to Duluth T-Shirt
detail shot of the I've Been to Duluth T-Shirt
another detail shot of the I've Been to Duluth T-Shirt
yet another detail shot of the I've Been to Duluth T-Shirt

I'VE BEEN TO DULUTH text on the front of a sand-colored t-shirt, with nothing on the back.

Shucks howdy! We are completely sold out of shirts, with no plans to restock. Sorry!

Modeled after the very same shirt as seen in the movie The Great Outdoors, this t-shirt is bound to bring a smile to your face. Who knows? Empowered by the might of this awesome shirt, maybe you'll be inspired to start a resort of your own in the northern reaches of Wisconsin! When you've been to Duluth, anything can happen.

Keep in mind, these shirts are...


All our shirts are made of 100% heavyweight ultra cotton. We use name-brand Gildan® t-shirts, which have been proven popular amongst resort towns and indie bands the world over.


We deployed our top typographers, who spent their time analyzing high-resolution screen grabs from The Great Outdoors, to ensure that you are getting the most accurate reprint possible.

That said, the shirt from the movie was quite filthy, and despite our quest for authenticity we chose not to go that route. Your shirt is fine and clean, in a lovely tan color. Once you've got one, you can make it as dirty as you want!


That's right, all of our "I've Been To Duluth" t-shirts were proudly printed by a company located in Duluth, Minnesota.

Awesomely Awesome!

Did we mention these shirts are awesome? They make great gifts for fans of Duluth, fans of The Great Outdoors, people who love being outside, and people who just plain get a kick out of wearing esoteric statements on their chests.